VisioGraphLab - Visio solution for work with graphs

Solution allows you to build graphs manually, import them from Excel, and even from the Visio shapesheet. In particular, it can automatically draw the graph of dependencies between shape-sheet cells.
Solution provides typical operations with graphs: the topological sorting, finding the shortest path, maximum flow.
There are also the simple tools for layout's optimisation the graphs: such as selection or moving the associated subgraph containing selected vertex.
According to the degree of readiness solution is somewhere on the beta version level. Declared functions are working, checked in Visio 2007 and Visio 2010.
The purpose of the publication is getting the response from potential users, information about bugs and suggestions to modify or expand functionality.
Instructions for using the application included in the installation package (in format PDF).
Download VisioGraphLab.
Examples of using:
 The calculation of the flow

 Count interdependencies between shape-sheet cells

 Additional menu in Visio 2007

 Additional menu in Visio 2010

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